Eco Credit Card USB

The eco USB credit card fits perfectly into your purse or wallet just like any credit card. Constructed from recyclable materials, the credit card is perfect for those which want to use an eco friendly USB sticks in their promotional campaigns. Being so small and compact the recycled credit card USB is great for anyone who travels and regularly leaves the office and storing the data on the USB credit card means that you are much less likely to lose all of your precious data.

Only 3mm thick, the eco credit card USB is slightly thicker than our USB Credit Card Thin but it still has the same printing area which makes it a very effective marketing or promotional tool. The clear and spacious surfaces build from recycled paper allows your brand name, logo or image to really stand out. The full colour and screen printing methods mean that you can choose from any colours that you like to fill entirely the space from the recycled Credit Card USB.

Because your wallet holds the USB Credit Card safely, there is no lanyard or keyring included with this product but you can always order an extra one from our accessories section. The memory capacity ranges from 1GB to 32GB, leaving you with a lot of choices when it comes to choose the capacity. You can choose to pre-load the drive with data or information before we send it out.

From 1.99 USD

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Unit prices from:
1.99 USD
Product materials:
Recycled Paper
Lead time:
10-14 days
50 units
60 x 30 mm
Print area:
Screen Printing – 60*30mm, Full Colour – 60*30mm
Memory sizes:
1Gb 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb 16Gb 32Gb
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Production time is 5-10 days plus shipping. For the orders that require custom-made packaging, total turnaround time will be a bit longer.

Supplied with Tray packaging or choose from:


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