Tray Packaging

Our Tray Packaging is ideal for easy distribution, transportation and storage of USBs and USB accessories such as lanyards, key rings and threads. Each tray can hold 25 different items, making this packaging very eco-friendly. If you are ordering large quantities and different varieties of products, the transparent plastic means that you can easily see which item is which. This can come in very handy at trade shows or conferences, where time and efficiency is important. Its ability to hold 25 different items also means that this is a minimum-waste form of packing your items, which is great for any eco-conscious companies. If you are ordering a large and varying amount of products and you want a simple, effective and eco-friendly way of having them transported, delivered and presented at trade fairs and conferences, then this is for you.

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  3. We will send you a visual of the product.
  4. Once the proof is approved and payment is received, we will start production

Production time is 5-10 days plus shipping. For the orders that require custom-made packaging, total turnaround time will be a bit longer.

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If you’re ordering over 500 units we can supply custom made packaging to your specification. View all packaging options

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